Top 5 free websites to learn CSS in 2023


CSS – Cascading Style Sheets is a very important language to decorate the presentation of any website. In addition, CSS is also used in the development of user interfaces for mobile applications and even for desktop UI.

Is CSS important to learn?

The answer is yes. A website’s vital role is to commercialize a business’s products. Therefore, good-looking web pages will keep the users staying longer and indirectly increase business revenue. As a web developer or designer, CSS is a must-have skill.

Web page with and without CSS comparison

TOP 5 free websites to learn CSS in 2023

The internet has so many free programming resources, and CSS is not excluded. Below are the top 5 addresses for you to learn CSS from basic to advanced levels.

1. Freecodecamp

freecodecamp is the first choice, it provides the path for the software engineering career to you, and Responsive Web Design is the first course of this path.

Learn to design a responsive website at freecodecamp

You will master fundamental CSS in addition to HTML in this course, which is a crucial combo for a beginner who is unfamiliar with web programming. You can start learning CSS and HTML to develop a website’s user interface even if you have no prior programming experience.

After finishing the course, you can submit your projects to get the certificate, this is very helpful.

2. W3School

The largest web developer site on the internet.
3 billion pages displayed each year.
60 million visitors each month.

W3school headline

Above is the headline of w3school introduction. W3 has simplified tutorials and provides you with the most interactive learning experience with many programming languages.

CSS is the second tutorial on w3school, after HTML.

learn css at w3school free.
CSS tutorials on w3school

Along with fantastic learning opportunities, w3school’s CSS courses provide you the ability to test your code right away on a live web page. W3 calls it “try it yourself”, with a non-professional developer, this will be very beneficial.

3. Web.dev

The third site I want to mention is web.dev. The UI design of this page immediately drew me in during my first visit. If someone wants to teach others how to design a beautiful UI, they have to do it first. Of course, Web.dev excelled at this.

learn css at web.dev
Learning css page at web.dev is very beautiful

Unlike w3school, web.dev’s CSS course structure doesn’t cover every CSS property, but it nevertheless arranges the lesson list for the best learning experience. Each lesson will provide information on properties relevant to each component of CSS, such as Box Model, Selectors, Layout, etc.

4. MDN

MDN known as Mozilla Developer Network is a big web documents center. It has the most detailed CSS course on the internet. Everything you need to learn about CSS is placed there in a very well-structured way.

Learn cascading style sheets at MDN web docs

The MDN CSS course has all the documentation you need in CSS to create a website interface. In every lecture, you will learn about CSS properties, and how to apply and combine them, absolutely the demo is always on it.

5. CSS-Trick

The last item on this list is CSS-Trick – which includes advanced tutorials and articles about CSS.


CSS-Tricks does not have any CSS courses, but it focused on some specific topics with are applied in practice.

Keep learning and exploring more

The Internet is an extremely big place, and there are a variety of different resources available to learn CSS. Keep exploring websites that offer you helpful CSS information.

Happy coding!